Mold and Air Quality Testing Prices

   Basic Full Inspection  Full Inspection Plus 
  $150 $350 $1000
Physical Inspection*  ✔
Moisture Readings for Any Affected Area
Lab Report (results within 24 business hours**)  
Remediation Protocol   
Air Quality Test  
Indoor Air Quality Sample  
Outdoor Air Quality Sample  

Additional Testing  

Initial testing of 2 samples
$75 per additional sample
Initial testing of 3-5 samples 
$50 per additional sample
Radon   +$300

Lead Paint

  +$175 (per home)

*Physical inspection includes: inspection of entire property, plumbing fixtures, and air ducts for visible signs of mold.
**Lab testing is conducted by a 3rd party lab and report will determine what type of mold spores are present, their quantity, and the health effects, if any, associated with each type.